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Fish joint

a connection formed by fishplates at the meeting point of two rails, beams, etc, as on a railway


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  • Fishkill

    [fish-kil] /ˈfɪʃˌkɪl/ noun 1. the sudden destruction of large quantities of , as by pollution.

  • Fish-kiss

    verb to kiss someone with puckered lips Examples We are tired of fish-kissing snobs. noun See fish-kiss Usage Note slang; also fish-kiss , (n.) noun Akissmadewithpuckeredlips: not a real kiss, but a fish-kiss verb To kiss someone with puckered lips

  • Fish-knife

    noun 1. a small knife with a spatulalike blade, used with a fork in cutting fish at table.

  • Fish-ladder

    noun 1. a series of ascending pools constructed to enable salmon or other fish to swim upstream around or over a dam. noun 1. a row of ascending pools or weirs connected by short falls to allow fish to pass barrages or dams

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