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[flash-bak] /ˈflæʃˌbæk/

a device in the narrative of a motion picture, novel, etc., by which an event or scene taking place before the present time in the narrative is inserted into the chronological structure of the work.
an event or scene so inserted.
Also called flashback hallucinosis. Psychiatry.

a transition in a novel, film, etc, to an earlier scene or event
(intransitive, adverb) to return in a novel, film, etc, to a past event

1903, in reference to fires in engines or furnaces, from flash + back (adj.). Movie plot device sense is from 1916. The hallucinogenic drug sense is attested in psychological literature from 1970, which means probably hippies were using it a few years before.

flashback flash·back (flāsh’bāk’)



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