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[flat-bot-uh md] /ˈflætˈbɒt əmd/

(of boats) having a flat bottom.


Read Also:

  • Flat bone

    flat bone n. A bone having a thin, flattened shape, as the scapula.

  • Flat-bottomed rail

    noun 1. (railways) a rail having a cross section like an inverted T, with the top extremity enlarged slightly to form the head Also called flanged rail

  • Flatbread

    [flat-bred] /ˈflætˌbrɛd/ noun 1. Also, flatbrod [flat-brohd] /ˈflæt broʊd/ (Show IPA). a thin, waferlike bread, usually rye, baked especially in Scandinavian countries. 2. Also, flat bread. any of various often unleavened breads baked in round, flat loaves or cakes, as those eaten in India, the Middle East, and Italy. /ˈflætˌbrɛd/ noun 1. a type of […]

  • Flat-bug

    noun 1. any of numerous flattened bugs of the family Aradidae, inhabiting the underside of bark and feeding on fungi.

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