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[flej] /flɛdʒ/

verb (used with object), fledged, fledging.
to bring up (a young bird) until it is able to fly.
to furnish with or as if with feathers or plumage.
to provide (an arrow) with feathers.
verb (used without object), fledged, fledging.
(of a young bird) to acquire the feathers necessary for flight.
Archaic. (of young birds) able to fly.
(transitive) to feed and care for (a young bird) until it is able to fly
(transitive) Also called fletch. to fit (something, esp an arrow) with a feather or feathers
(intransitive) (of a young bird) to grow feathers
(transitive) to cover or adorn with or as if with feathers

Old English *-flycge (Kentish -flecge),an adjective meaning “having the feathers, fit to fly,” from West Germanic *fluggja- (cf. Middle Dutch vlugge, Low German flügge), from root meaning “to fly” (see fly (v.)). As a verb, it is first attested in English 1560s. Related: Fledged; fledging.


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