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an airline employee who serves meals, attends to passengers’ comfort, etc., during a flight.
a person who attends to the needs of passengers on a commercial flight


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  • Flight-cap

    noun 1. . noun, Military. 1. a wedge-shaped cap of cotton or woolen fabric, worn as part of the service uniform.

  • Flight capital

    noun 1. funds transferred abroad in order to avoid high taxes or to provide for a person’s needs if flight from the country becomes necessary

  • Flight ceiling

    noun the highest altitude at which an aircraft may fly due to physical factors as mechanical abilities and air density Examples As an airplane ascends, a point is eventually reached where there just isn’t enough air mass to generate enough lift to overcome the airplane’s weight – its flight ceiling.

  • Flight-control

    noun 1. the direction of airplane movements, especially takeoffs and landings, by messages from the ground. 2. the system by which this direction is done. 3. the office from which this direction is done. 4. the system by which the pilot of an airplane controls the movement of the airplane.

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