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[flawr-ee, flohr-ee] /ˈflɔr i, ˈfloʊr i/

Sir Howard Walter, 1898–1968, Australian pathologist in England: Nobel Prize in Medicine 1945.
Howard Walter, Baron Florey. 1898–1968, Australian pathologist: shared the Nobel prize for physiology or medicine (1945) with E. B. Chain and Alexander Fleming for their work on penicillin

Florey Flo·rey (flôr’ē), Howard Walter. 1898-1968.

Australian-born British pathologist. He shared a 1945 Nobel Prize for isolating and purifying penicillin.
Australian-born British pathologist who developed and purified penicillin with Ernst Chain in 1939. For this work, Florey and Chain shared a 1945 Nobel Prize with Alexander Fleming, who first discovered the antibiotic in 1928. Florey also supervised the clinical testing and mass production of the drug in the United States.


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