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[flaw-see, flos-ee] /ˈflɔ si, ˈflɒs i/

a female given name, form of .


Fancy; frilly; highfalutin: It may be highly important to know a flossy name for the boss (1890s+)


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    [flaw-see, flos-ee] /ˈflɔ si, ˈflɒs i/ adjective, flossier, flossiest. 1. made of or resembling ; downy. 2. showily stylish; excessively ornamented or fancy. /ˈflɒsɪ/ adjective flossier, flossiest 1. consisting of or resembling floss 2. (US & Canadian, slang) (esp of dress) showy adj. “resembling floss,” 1839, from floss + -y (2). adjective Fancy; frilly; highfalutin: […]

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    plural noun 1. bags inflated to keep a spacecraft or helicopter afloat and upright when it lands in the sea

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    flotation method n. Any of several procedures for concentrating helminth eggs, when the eggs are difficult to find in direct examination, by use of a liquid of sufficiently high specific gravity.

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