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[fohk-nik] /ˈfoʊk nɪk/

noun, Slang.
a devotee or performer of folk music.


A folk-music devotee or enthusiast (1960s+)

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  • Folkright

    [fohk-rahyt] /ˈfoʊkˌraɪt/ noun 1. a law or right of the people as opposed to that of the privileged classes.

  • Folk-rock

    noun 1. a style of music combining characteristics of rock-‘n’-roll and folk music, often exemplified by protest songs to a rock-‘n’-roll beat, and at its height of popularity in the late 1960s. noun 1. a style of rock music influenced by folk, including traditional material arranged for electric instruments

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    [fohk] /foʊk/ noun 1. Usually, folks. (used with a plural verb) people in general: Folks say there wasn’t much rain last summer. 2. Often, folks. (used with a plural verb) people of a specified class or group: country folk; poor folks. 3. (used with a plural verb) people as the carriers of culture, especially as […]

  • Folksiness

    [fohk-see] /ˈfoʊk si/ adjective, folksier, folksiest. 1. friendly or neighborly; sociable. 2. very informal; familiar; unceremonious: The politician affected a folksy style. 3. belonging to the common people, especially in regard to a conscious use of mannerisms, speech patterns, attitudes, etc.: folksy humor. /ˈfəʊksɪ/ adjective -sier, -siest 1. of or like ordinary people; sometimes used […]

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