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Forget it


Overlook it, it’s not important; you’re quite mistaken. This colloquial imperative is used in a variety of ways. For example, in Thanks so much for helping—Forget it, it was nothing, it is a substitute for “don’t mention it” or you’re welcome; in Stop counting the change—forget it! it means “stop doing something unimportant” in You think assembling this swingset was easy—forget it! it means “it was not at all easy”; and in Forget it—you’ll never understand this theorem it means that the possibility of your understanding it is hopeless. [ c. 1900 ]


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    [fawr-ji-tiv, fohr-] /ˈfɔr dʒɪ tɪv, ˈfoʊr-/ adjective, Archaic. 1. inventive; creative.

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    [fer-get-mee-not] /fərˈgɛt miˌnɒt/ noun 1. either of two small Old World plants, Myosotis sylvatica or M. scorpioides, of the borage family, having a light-blue flower commonly regarded as an emblem of constancy and friendship. 2. any of several other plants of the genus Myosotis. 3. any of various similar plants, especially of the genus Anchusa […]

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    [fer-get-uh-ree] /fərˈgɛt ə ri/ noun 1. a faculty or facility for ; faulty memory: a witness with a very convenient forgettery.

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