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[frek-uh l] /ˈfrɛk əl/

one of the small, brownish spots on the skin that are caused by deposition of pigment and that increase in number and darken on exposure to sunlight; lentigo.
any small spot or discoloration:
freckles of paint spattered on the floor.
verb (used with object), freckled, freckling.
to cover with freckles; produce freckles on.
verb (used without object), freckled, freckling.
to become freckled.
a small brownish spot on the skin: a localized deposit of the pigment melanin, developed by exposure to sunlight Technical name lentigo
any small area of discoloration; a spot
(Austral, slang) the anus
to mark or become marked with freckles or spots

late 14c., also frecken, probably from Old Norse freknur (plural) “freckles” (cf. Icelandic frekna, Danish fregne, Swedish frägne “freckle”), from PIE *(s)preg- “to jerk, scatter” (see sprout (v.)). Related: Freckles.

late 14c. (implied in fracled “spotted,” from freckle (n.); freckle as a verb is recorded from 1610s. Related: Freckled; freckling.

freckle freck·le (frěk’əl)
A small brownish spot on the skin, often turning darker or increasing in number upon exposure to the sun.


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