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Frederick converse

[kon-vurs] /ˈkɒn vɜrs/

Frederick Shepherd
[shep-erd] /ˈʃɛp ərd/ (Show IPA), 1871–1940, U.S. composer.
verb (kənˈvɜːs) (intransitive) often foll by with
to engage in conversation (with)
to commune spiritually (with)

noun (ˈkɒnvɜːs)
conversation (often in the phrase hold converse with)

(prenominal) reversed; opposite; contrary
something that is opposite or contrary

(logic, maths) a relation that holds between two relata only when a given relation holds between them in reverse order: thus father of is the converse of son of

“to communicate (with),” 1590s; earlier “to move about, live, dwell” (mid-14c.), from Old French converser “to talk” (12c.), from Latin conversari (see conversation). Related: Conversed; conversing.

“exact opposite,” 1560s, from Latin conversus “turn around,” past participle of convertere “to turn about” (see convert). Originally mathematical. The noun is attested from 1550s in mathematics. Related: Conversely.


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