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a person who follows a way of life that freely indulges the appetites, desires, etc.


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  • Frederick William

    noun 1. (“the Great Elector”) 1620–88, elector of Brandenburg who increased the power and importance of Prussia. 2. 1882–1951, German general: crown prince of Germany 1888–1918 (son of William II of Germany). noun 1. 1688–1740, king of Prussia 1713–40. noun 1. 1744–97, king of Prussia 1786–97. noun 1. 1770–1840, king of Prussia 1797–1840. noun 1. […]

  • Frederick v

    noun 1. called the Winter King. 1596–1632, elector of the Palatinate (1610–23) and king of Bohemia (1619–20). He led the revolt of Bohemian Protestants at the beginning of the Thirty Years’ War

  • Freeloading

    [free-lohd, -lohd] /ˈfriˈloʊd, -ˌloʊd/ verb (used without object), Informal. 1. to take advantage of others for free food, entertainment, etc. verb (used with object) 2. to get by freeloading: He freeloaded several meals a week. /ˈfriːˌləʊd/ verb 1. (intransitive) (slang) to act as a freeloader; sponge modifier : my freeloading cousins/ your freeloading pals verb […]

  • Free-love

    noun 1. the doctrine or practice of having sexual relations or living together without legal marriage or continuing obligation. noun 1. the practice of sexual relationships without fidelity to a single partner or without formal or legal ties

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