a representative of a common carrier who manages the freight business in a local district.

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  • Freight-car

    noun 1. any car for carrying freight.

  • Freighted

    [freyt] /freɪt/ noun 1. goods, cargo, or lading transported for pay, whether by water, land, or air. 2. the ordinary conveyance or means of transport of goods provided by common carriers (distinguished from ): Shipping by freight is less expensive. 3. the charges, fee, or compensation paid for such transportation: We pay the freight. 4. […]

  • Freight-engine

    noun 1. a locomotive for pulling freight trains, designed for high drawbar pull rather than high speed.

  • Freighter

    [frey-ter] /ˈfreɪ tər/ noun 1. a vessel used mainly for carrying cargo. 2. a large aircraft or spacecraft used primarily for transporting cargo and equipment: The space station of the future will be supplied by robot freighters. 3. a person whose occupation it is to receive and forward . 4. a person for whom is […]

  • Freight-forwarder

    noun 1. a person or firm that arranges to pick up or deliver goods on instructions of a shipper or a consignee from or to a point by various necessary conveyances and common carriers.

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