[freyt] /freɪt/

goods, cargo, or lading transported for pay, whether by water, land, or air.
the ordinary conveyance or means of transport of goods provided by common carriers (distinguished from ):
Shipping by freight is less expensive.
the charges, fee, or compensation paid for such transportation:
We pay the freight.
(especially in Britain) the cargo, or any part of the cargo, of a vessel; merchandise transported by water.
Chiefly British. transportation of goods by water.
Slang. cost or price, especially when high:
I’d like a larger house, but can’t afford the freight.
verb (used with object)
to load; burden:
a story heavily freighted with private meaning.
to load with goods or merchandise for transportation:
It took all night to freight the ship.
to transport as freight; send by freight.

(mainly Brit) a ship’s cargo or part of it
verb (transitive)
to load with goods for transport
(mainly US & Canadian) to convey commercially as or by freight
to load or burden; charge

early 13c., fraght, from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German vracht, vrecht, meaning originally “cost of transport” and probably from a lost Old Frisian word, from Proto-Germanic *fra-aihtiz “absolute possession, property” (cf. Old High German freht “earnings”), from *fra-, intensive prefix, + *aik “to be master of, possess,” from PIE *aik- (see owe). Meaning “transporting of goods or passengers for money” is from late 14c. Danish fragt, Swedish frakt apparently also are from Frisian. As a verb, from late 14c.

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