when something is big, or weighs more than it should, another bad definition, sorry
“my bikes feeling frieghted” or “that girls frieghted”

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    a hood from orance county, ca started in late 2008… they fly purple and gold often purple laces in converse, purple bandana, and gol chain, with either an anaheim angels hat or a milwalke brewers hat with a purple “w” misled youth 5150

  • mistletoehoe

    someone actively soliciting/trolling for kisses under the mistletoe “that stacy is such a mistletoehoe”


    my life is facebook when one looks for facebook features in every day life and on other networking sites. -“today, i went on mysp-ce, saw a status i liked and was looking for the like b-tton. for a while. mlifb” -“i actually do that same thing on twitter, except i don’t look for a like […]


    my life is now slightly better than average. something has recently happened to enrich your life to slightly above average. after telling an anecdote, in which something made your lifee better. i just kissed that really pretty girl, and she wasn’t even that drunk. mlinsbta.

  • fuck-hall

    a place in which a cl-sterf-ck might occur each morning/night. “go to the f-ck-hall for some orgy action! you’ll love it!”

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