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of or relating to Sigmund or his doctrines, especially with respect to the causes and treatment of neurotic and psychopathic states, the interpretation of dreams, etc.
a person, especially a psychoanalyst, who adheres to the basic doctrines of .
Contemporary Examples

Instead, in an apparent Freudian slip, he said, “We must replace the discredited president.”
Looking Back at Past SOTU Addresses Eleanor Clift January 27, 2014

Quell is a feral creature; a personification of the Freudian id.
Why Joaquin Phoenix, Who Wows in ‘Her,’ Is the Greatest Actor Alive Marlow Stern December 13, 2013

On his website, Rove refers to this story as involving “a lottery in Baghdad,” a Freudian slip of epic proportions.
What Karl Rove Learned From Jorge Luis Borges Alec Nevala-Lee November 19, 2012

From my Freudian vantage point, the article seems to give us a unique portrait of the libertarian as a young man.
Found: Rand Paul’s Secret Papers Kent Sepkowitz June 20, 2010

The Freudian underpinnings that permeated Suddenly Last Summer are also present here.
Hollywood’s Bad Mother Obsession Stephen Farber December 28, 2010

Historical Examples

He’s a desperate Freudian, you know, and they’re not nearly so good as the others.
Dangerous Ages Rose Macaulay

The unconscious is not, of course, the clue to the Freudian theory.
Fantasia of the Unconscious D. H. Lawrence

As for the foreigner, what he falls into is the typically Freudian blunder of projecting his own worst weakness into another.
The American Credo George Jean Nathan

He is quite Freudian in his indignation that any young woman should habit herself so.
Plum Pudding Christopher Morley

The Freudian school of psychologists calls this “sublimation.”
A Preface to Politics Walter Lippmann

of or relating to Sigmund Freud or his ideas
a person who follows or believes in the basic ideas of Sigmund Freud

1910, used at first in a general way for “sexual,” from name of Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), Austrian psychiatrist. Freudian slip first attested 1959.

Freudian Freud·i·an (froi’dē-ən)
Relating to or being in accordance with the psychoanalytic theories of Sigmund Freud. n.
An individual who accepts the tenets of psychoanalytic theories of Sigmund Freud, especially a psychiatrist who applies Freudian theory and method in conducting psychotherapy.

Pertaining to or agreeing with the theories of Sigmund Freud.


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