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[frik-shuh-nl] /ˈfrɪk ʃə nl/

of, relating to, or of the nature of .
moved, worked, or produced by .


Read Also:

  • Friction-clutch

    noun, Machinery. 1. a clutch in which one part turns another by friction between them. noun 1. a mechanical clutch in which the drive is transmitted by the friction between surfaces, lined with cork, asbestos, or other fibrous materials, attached to the driving and driven shafts

  • Frictional soil

    noun 1. another term for cohesionless soil

  • Friction-drive

    noun, Automotive. 1. a power transmission system utilizing a set of friction gears so arranged that varying their positions relative to one another gives a wide range of speed ratios.

  • Friction feed

    printer A method some printers and plotters use to move paper by rotating one or both of a pair of spring-loaded rubber-coated rollers with the paper sandwiched between them. Friction feed printers are notorious for slipping when the rollers wear out, but can take standard typing paper. For printers with a sheet feeder, friction feed […]

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