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[foo l-bod-eed] /ˈfʊlˈbɒd id/

of full strength, flavor, richness, etc.:
full-bodied wine; full-bodied writing.
having a full rich flavour or quality


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  • Full-bore

    [foo l-bawr, -bohr] /ˈfʊlˈbɔr, -ˈboʊr/ Informal. adjective 1. moving or operating at the greatest speed or with maximum power. adverb 2. to the fullest extent; with the greatest power, speed, force, etc.: The cars drove full-bore down the straightaway. adjective Large; fully developed: And this track here, big, a full-bore male (1936+)

  • Full-bottomed

    adjective 1. (of a wig) long at the back

  • Full-circle

    noun 1. to the original place, source, or state through a cycle of developments (usually used in the phrase come full circle).

  • Full cleveland

    adjective phrase Of a man, dressed in white shoes and a white suit (1991+)

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