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Functional deafness

functional deafness n.
See psychogenic deafness.


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  • Functional dependency

    database Given a relation R (in a relational database), attribute Y of R is functionally dependent on attribute X of R and X of R functionally determines Y of R (in symbols R.X -> R.Y) if and only if each X in R has associated with it precisely one Y in R (at any one […]

  • Functional-disease

    noun, Pathology. 1. a disease in which there is an abnormal change in the function of an organ, but no structural alteration in the tissues involved (opposed to ). noun 1. a disease in which there is no observable change in the structure of an organ or part Compare organic disease

  • Functional disorder

    functional disorder n. A physical disorder in which the symptoms have no known or detectable organic basis but are believed to be the result of psychological factors such as emotional conflicts or stress. Also called functional disease.

  • Functional food

    noun 1. a food containing additives which provide extra nutritional value Also called nutraceutical noun any foodstuff enhanced by additives and marketed as beneficial to health and longevity; also called nutraceutical Word Origin from Japanese kinsei-shokuhin ‘functionality’ ‘food’ Usage Note abbr. FF

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