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[fuhn-juh-stat, fuhng-guh-] /ˈfʌn dʒəˌstæt, ˈfʌŋ gə-/

a fungistatic substance or preparation.
a substance that inhibits the growth of fungi


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  • Fungistatic

    [fuhn-juh-stat-ik, fuhng-guh-] /ˌfʌn dʒəˈstæt ɪk, ˌfʌŋ gə-/ adjective 1. (of a substance or preparation) inhibiting the growth of a fungus. fungistatic fun·gi·stat·ic (fŭn’jĭ-stāt’ĭk, fŭng’gĭ-) adj. Having an inhibiting effect upon the growth and reproduction of fungi without destroying them.

  • Fungitoxic

    [fuhn-ji-tok-sik, fuhng-gi-] /ˌfʌn dʒɪˈtɒk sɪk, ˌfʌŋ gɪ-/ adjective 1. to fungi. fungitoxic fun·gi·tox·ic (fŭn’jĭ-tŏk’sĭk, fŭng’gĭ-) adj. Having a toxic effect on fungi.

  • Fungivorous

    [fuh n-jiv-er-uh s] /fənˈdʒɪv ər əs/ adjective 1. feeding on fungi, as certain insects.

  • Fungo

    [fuhng-goh] /ˈfʌŋ goʊ/ noun, plural fungoes. Baseball. 1. (in practice sessions) a ball tossed into the air by the batter and struck as it comes down. 2. a batted ball, especially a fly ball, hit in this manner. 3. Also called fungo bat. a bat used in hitting fungoes, being lighter, longer, and narrower than […]

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