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[adjective fur-keyt, -kit; verb fur-keyt] /adjective ˈfɜr keɪt, -kɪt; verb ˈfɜr keɪt/

forked; branching.
verb (used without object), furcated, furcating.
to form a fork; branch.
verb (ˈfɜːkeɪt)
to divide into two parts; fork
adjective (ˈfɜːkeɪt; -kɪt)
forked; divided: furcate branches

“forked,” 1819, from Medieval Latin furcatus, from Latin furca (see fork). As a verb, from 1828 (implied in furcated).

furcation fur·ca·tion (fûr-kā’shən)


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