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[gaj-i-teer] /ˌgædʒ ɪˈtɪər/

a person who invents or is particularly fond of using .
a person who delights in gadgetry


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  • Gadgety

    [gaj-it] /ˈgædʒ ɪt/ noun 1. a mechanical contrivance or device; any ingenious article. /ˈɡædʒɪt/ noun 1. a small mechanical device or appliance 2. any object that is interesting for its ingenuity or novelty rather than for its practical use n. 1886, gadjet (but said to date back to 1850s), sailors’ slang word for any small […]

  • Gadgie

    /ˈɡædʒɪ/ noun 1. (Brit, dialect) a fellow

  • Gadhelic

    [guh-del-ik] /gəˈdɛl ɪk/ adjective, noun 1. . /ɡædˈhɛlɪk/ noun, adjective 1. another term for Goidelic

  • Gadid

    [gey-did] /ˈgeɪ dɪd/ adjective 1. belonging or pertaining to the cod family, Gadidae. noun 2. a gadid fish. /ˈɡeɪdɪd/ noun 1. any marine teleost fish of the family Gadidae, which includes the cod, haddock, whiting, and pollack adjective 2. of, relating to, or belonging to the Gadidae

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