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[guh-lak-tuh-see-mee-uh] /gəˌlæk təˈsi mi ə/

noun, Pathology.
an inherited disorder characterized by the inability to metabolize and requiring a galactose-free diet to avoid consequent mental retardation and eye, spleen, and liver abnormalities.

galactosemia ga·lac·to·se·mia (gə-lāk’tə-sē’mē-ə)
An inherited metabolic disorder characterized by the deficiency of an enzyme necessary for galactose metabolism and chracterized by elevated levels of galactose in the blood and, if untreated, mental retardation and eye and liver abnormalities.
ga·lac’to·se’mic adj.


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  • Galactose tolerance test

    galactose tolerance test n. A liver function test in which the rate of excretion of galactose following ingestion or an intravenous injection of a known amount is measured.

  • Galactosidase

    galactosidase ga·lac·to·si·dase (-gə-lāk’tō-sĭ-dās’, -dāz’, -lāk-tō’-) n. Any of a group of enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of a galactoside.

  • Galactoside

    galactoside ga·lac·to·side (gə-lāk’tə-sīd’) n. Any of a group of glycosides that yield galactose on hydrolysis and exist in alpha and beta forms.

  • Galactosis

    galactosis ga·lac·to·sis (gāl’ək-tō’sĭs) n. The formation of milk by the mammary glands.

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