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[gey-luh n] /ˈgeɪ lən/

Latin Galenus
[guh-lee-nuh s] /gəˈli nəs/ (Show IPA). Claudius, a.d. c130–c200, Greek physician and writer on medicine.
any physician.
Latin name Claudius Galenus. ?130–?200 ad, Greek physician, anatomist, and physiologist. He codified existing medical knowledge and his authority continued until the Renaissance

Galen Ga·len (gā’lən), A.D. 130?-200?.

Greek anatomist, physician, and writer whose theories formed the basis of European medicine until the Renaissance.
Greek anatomist, physician, and writer who developed numerous theories about the structures and functions of the human body, many of which were based on information he gained from dissecting animals. Galen’s theories formed the basis of European medicine until the Renaissance.
Galen [(gay-luhn)]

An ancient Greek physician and pioneer in the study of anatomy.
Generalized Architecture for Languages, Encyclopaedias, and Nomenclatures [in Medicine]


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