means calm in hebrew. most galen’s are very unique and have a great sense of humor. they tend to think highly of themselves, which is understandable.
wow i wish i could be more like galen, he’s such a great guy!
a galen is an atheletic and spontaneous person. generally good looking, they are aware of this but not prideful about it. some galens may come off as sn-bby because they appear to have everything going for them but may still be somewhat reserved. there is very little that a galen is not great at, but not all make very good artists. if you have a galen as a boyfriend you can expect them to be very reserved while in public with you but very loyal no matter what happens. galens make excellent friends and are always up for a good party, though they prefer not to be the center of attention. a galen is generally physically hot and very smart, especially when it comes to math.
galen rowell, galen strawson, galen gering
galen is a very caring, and “shy person.” the name galen means calm in hebrew. it can be a girl or boy name. don’t be fooled by their ‘shy’ personality.. galen’s can be very loud and crazy.
“i love the name galen, very unique.”
a special and rare relationship between two true best friends. it’s much more meaningful and special than the word “love.”
gabe: i really love you.
leny: nah dude, loves not the word. it’s galen.
gabe: oh right, galen.
leny: we galen each other.
it means chode in swahilli
he likes to wear flannel shirts and snores like a b-tch when he sleeps. he shaves his legs and got his p-b-s lasered off at the age of 7. most likely to get a s-x change. owned 15 s-x slaves at the age of 14.
d-mn look at that b-tch.
i know, what a galen.
a man-wh-r- who cross dresses and thinks he’s emo
that galen over there just bragged about masturbating again!

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