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[gah-mee-lahr-ahy, gah-mee-lahr-ahy] /ˈgɑ miˌlɑr aɪ, ˌgɑ miˈlɑr aɪ/



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  • Gamin

    [gam-in] /ˈgæm ɪn/ noun 1. a neglected boy left to run about the streets; street urchin. /ˈɡæmɪn; French ɡamɛ̃/ noun 1. a street urchin; waif n. “street urchin,” 1837, from French gamin (18c.), perhaps from Berrichon dialect gamer “to steal.” Introduced in English in translations of Hugo. Un groupe d’enfants, de ces petits sauvages vanu-pieds […]

  • Gamine

    [gam-een, -in, ga-meen] /ˈgæm in, -ɪn, gæˈmin/ noun 1. a neglected girl who is left to run about the streets. 2. a diminutive or very slender girl, especially one who is pert, impudent, or playfully mischievous. adjective 3. of or like a gamine: a gamine personality; clothes for the gamine figure. /ˈɡæmiːn; French ɡamin/ noun […]

  • Gaminess

    [gey-mee-nis] /ˈgeɪ mi nɪs/ noun 1. the taste or odor of , especially when slightly tainted. 2. ; pluck. 3. squalor or lewdness.

  • Gaming-table

    noun 1. a table used for gambling, especially one designed with a game board and slots for chips.

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