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[gan-tl-ohp] /ˈgæn tlˌoʊp/

noun, Archaic.
2 .


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    [gant-lit, gawnt-] /ˈgænt lɪt, ˈgɔnt-/ noun 1. Railroads. a track construction used in narrow places, in which two parallel tracks converge so that their inner rails cross, run parallel, and diverge again, thus allowing a train to remain on its own track at all times. 2. 2 (defs 1, 2, 4). verb (used with object) […]

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    [gant-lahyn] /ˈgæntˌlaɪn/ noun, Nautical. 1. a rope rove through a single block hung from a mast, funnel, etc., as a means of hoisting workers, tools, flags, or the like. /ˈɡæntˌlaɪn; -lɪn/ noun 1. (nautical) a line rove through a sheave for hoisting men or gear

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    [gant-lohp] /ˈgænt loʊp/ noun, Archaic. 1. 2 .

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    [gan-truh-sin] /ˈgæn trə sɪn/ Pharmacology, Trademark. 1. a brand of .

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