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[gas-truh-pod] /ˈgæs trəˌpɒd/

any mollusk of the class Gastropoda, comprising the snails, whelks, slugs, etc.
Also, gastropodous
[ga-strop-uh-duh s] /gæˈstrɒp ə dəs/ (Show IPA). belonging or pertaining to the gastropods.
any mollusc of the class Gastropoda, typically having a flattened muscular foot for locomotion and a head that bears stalked eyes. The class includes the snails, whelks, limpets, and slugs
of, relating to, or belonging to the Gastropoda

1826, gasteropod (modern spelling by 1854), from Modern Latin Gasteropoda, name of a class of mollusks, from Greek gaster (genitive gastros) “stomach” (see gastric) + pous (genitive podos) “foot” (see foot (n.)). From the ventral position of the mollusk’s “foot.”
Any of various carnivorous or herbivorous mollusks of the class Gastropoda, having a head with eyes and feelers and a muscular foot on the underside of its body with which it moves. Most gastropods are aquatic, but some have adapted to life on land. Gastropods include snails, which have a coiled shell, and slugs, which have a greatly reduced shell or none at all.

Our Living Language : Snails, conchs, whelks, and many other similar animals with shells are all called gastropods by scientists. The word gastropod comes from Greek and means “stomach foot,” a name that owes its existence to the unusual anatomy of snails. Snails have a broad flat muscular “foot” used for support and for forward movement. This foot runs along the underside of the animal—essentially along its belly. The Greek elements gastro-, “stomach,” and -pod, “foot,” are found in many other scientific names, such as gastritis (an inflammation of the stomach) and sauropod (“lizard foot,” a type of dinosaur).


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