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[jee-hwiz, -wiz] /ˈdʒiˈʰwɪz, -ˈwɪz/

adjective, Informal.
arousing or characterized by surprise, wonder, or triumphant achievement:
a gee-whiz technology; a gee-whiz reaction to the sight of the Grand Canyon.
interjection, Informal.
2 .
(informal) impressive or amazing: gee-whiz special effects



(also Gee whiz, gee whillikins, gee willikers) An exclamation of approval, surprise, mild disapproval, emphasis, etc; gosh: But gee willikers, he does arithmetic like lightning (main entry 1885+; others somewhat earlier)

noun phrase

An armed pickpocket

[1950s+ Underworld; fr gee, ”gun,” and whiz, ”pickpocket”]
An expression of surprise, dismay, or enthusiasm. For example, Gee whiz, Dad, I thought you’d let me borrow the car, or Gee whiz, they finally won the Series! This term is thought to be a euphemism for “Jesus Christ.” [ ; 1870s ]


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