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General certificate of education



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  • General-court

    noun 1. the state legislature of Massachusetts or New Hampshire. 2. (in colonial New England) any of various local assemblies having both legislative and judicial powers.

  • General court-martial

    noun 1. a court-martial having the authority to try any offense against military law and to impose a sentence of dishonorable discharge or of death when provided by law.

  • Generalcy

    [jen-er-uh l-see] /ˈdʒɛn ər əl si/ noun 1. the office or tenure of a .

  • General-delivery

    noun 1. a postal service that delivers mail to a specific post office where it is held for pickup by the addressee. 2. the postal department that handles such mail. noun (US & Canadian) 1. an address on mail indicating that it should be kept at a specified post office until collected by the addressee […]

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