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George bellows

[bel-ohz] /ˈbɛl oʊz/

George Wesley, 1882–1925, U.S. painter and lithographer.
noun (functioning as singular or pl)
Also called pair of bellows. an instrument consisting of an air chamber with flexible sides or end, a means of compressing it, an inlet valve, and a constricted outlet that is used to create a stream of air, as for producing a draught for a fire or for sounding organ pipes
(photog) a telescopic light-tight sleeve, connecting the lens system of some cameras to the body of the instrument
a flexible corrugated element used as an expansion joint, pump, or means of transmitting axial motion

c.1200, belwes, literally “bags,” plural of belu, belw, northern form of beli, from late Old English belg “bag, purse, leathern bottle” (see belly (n.)). Reduced from blæstbælg, literally “blowing bag.” Used exclusively in plural since 15c., probably due to the two handles.

occurs only in Jer. 6:29, in relation to the casting of metal. Probably they consisted of leather bags similar to those common in Egypt.


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