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George washington

[wosh-ing-tuh n, waw-shing-] /ˈwɒʃ ɪŋ tən, ˈwɔ ʃɪŋ-/

Booker T(aliaferro)
[boo k-er tol-uh-ver] /ˈbʊk ər ˈtɒl ə vər/ (Show IPA), 1856–1915, U.S. reformer, educator, author, and lecturer.
George, 1732–99, U.S. general and political leader: 1st president of the U.S. 1789–97.
Martha (Martha Dandridge) 1732–1802, wife of George.
Also called Washington, D.C. the capital of the United States, on the Potomac between Maryland and Virginia: coextensive with the District of Columbia.
Abbreviation: Wash.
Also called Washington State. a state in the NW United States, on the Pacific coast. 68,192 sq. mi. (176,615 sq. km).
Capital: Olympia.
Abbreviation: WA (for use with zip code), Wash.
a city in SW Pennsylvania.
a city in SW Indiana.
a town in central Illinois.
Mount, a mountain in N New Hampshire, in the White Mountains: highest peak in the NE United States. 6293 feet (1918 meters).
Lake, a lake in W Washington, near Seattle. 20 miles (32 km) long.
a male given name.


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