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George wither

[with -er] /ˈwɪð ər/

George, 1588–1667, English poet and pamphleteer.
(intransitive) (esp of a plant) to droop, wilt, or shrivel up
(intransitive) often foll by away. to fade or waste: all hope withered away
(intransitive) to decay, decline, or disintegrate
(transitive) to cause to wilt, fade, or lose vitality
(transitive) to abash, esp with a scornful look
(transitive) to harm or damage

1530s, alteration of Middle English wydderen “dry up, shrivel” (c.1300), apparently a differentiated and special use of wederen “to expose to weather” (see weather). Cf. German verwittern “to become weather-beaten,” from Witter “weather.”


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