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Germinal epithelium

germinal epithelium n.
See surface epithelium.


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  • Germinal localization

    germinal localization n. The determination in very young embryos of the presumptive areas for specific organs or structures.

  • Germinal membrane

    germinal membrane n. See blastoderm.

  • Germinal pole

    germinal pole n. See animal pole.

  • Germinals

    [jur-muh-nl; French zher-mee-nal] /ˈdʒɜr mə nl; French ʒɛr miˈnal/ noun 1. (in the French Revolutionary calendar) the seventh month of the year, extending from March 21 to April 19. 2. (italics) a novel (1884) by Émile Zola. /ˈdʒɜːmɪnəl/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or like germs or a germ cell 2. of, or in the […]

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