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Get someone where the hair is short

verb phrase

To have complete control over a person; have a painful advantage: We’ve got them where the hair is short, and they can’t squirm out ( first form 1872+, second 1888+)


Read Also:

  • Get someone wrong

    Misunderstand someone, as in I think you got him wrong. This expression is often put as Don’t get me wrong, used to clarify one’s feelings, views, or the like, as in Don’t get me wrong—I’m happy about the outcome. [ ; c. 1900 ] Also see: make no mistake

  • Get something across

    verb phrase To explain successfully; PUT something ACROSS: He decided to devote all his energy to getting his own platform across [1894+; fr a stage term for success, to get it across the footlights]

  • Get something in edgewise

    verb phrase To succeed in saying or interjecting something: You can’t even get a ”Yeah, I’m still alive” in edgewise (1824+)

  • Get something off the ground

    verb phrase To make a successful start: As Wilbur said to Orville, ”You’ll never get it off the ground” (1940s+)

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