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[gibz] /gɪbz/

James, 1682–1754, Scottish architect and author.
Josiah Willard, 1839–1903, U.S. physicist.
Oliver Wolcott
[woo l-kuh t] /ˈwʊl kət/ (Show IPA), 1822–1908, U.S. chemist and educator.
Sir Philip, 1877–1962, English journalist and writer.
James. 1682–1754, British architect; his buildings include St Martin’s-in-the-Fields, London (1722–26), and the Radcliffe Camera, Oxford (1737–49)
Josiah Willard. 1839–1903, US physicist and mathematician: founder of chemical thermodynamics
American physicist known especially for his investigations of thermodynamics. He developed methods for analyzing the thermodynamic properties of substances, and his findings established the basic theory for physical chemistry.


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