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Give someone a pain

verb phrase

(Variations: in the neck or in the ass may be added) To be distasteful, repellent, tedious, etc: That guy gives me a royal pain in the neck/ one of those bragging polymath types who gave everybody a ass (entry form 1891+, neck 1921+, ass 1940s+)


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    verb phrase To call on the telephone (1940s+) 1. Also, give someone a buzz. Call someone on the telephone, as in Give me a ring next week, or Bill said he’d give her a buzz. Both these expressions allude to the sound of a telephone’s ring. [ ; c. 1920 ] 2. Present a lover […]

  • Give someone a slap on the wrist

    verb phrase To give a light and insufficient punishment; RAP someone’s KNUCKLES: They caught a couple more Mafiosi and I’m sure they’ll give them a real good slap on the wrist (1914+)

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  • Give someone away

    verb phrase To expose oneself; show one’s opinion, guilt, etc: I tried to be serious, but a grin gave me away (1862+)

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