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[gloh-buh l] /ˈgloʊ bəl/

pertaining to the whole world; worldwide; universal:
the dream of global peace.
globular; globe-shaped.
of, relating to, or using a terrestrial or .
(of a computer operation, linguistic rule, etc.) operating on a group of similar strings, commands, etc., in a single step.
covering, influencing, or relating to the whole world

1670s, “spherical,” from globe + -al (1). Meaning “worldwide, universal” is from 1892, from French. Global village first attested 1960, popularized, if not coined, by Canadian educator Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980).

Postliterate man’s electronic media contract the world to a village or tribe where everything happens to everyone at the same time: everyone knows about, and therefore participates in, everything that is happening the minute it happens. Television gives this quality of simultaneity to events in the global village. [Carpenter & McLuhan, “Explorations in Communication,” 1960]

global glob·al (glō’bəl)

glob’al·ly adv.


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