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[gluht] /glʌt/

verb (used with object), glutted, glutting.
to feed or fill to satiety; sate:
to glut the appetite.
to feed or fill to excess; cloy.
to flood (the market) with a particular item or service so that the supply greatly exceeds the demand.
to choke up:
to glut a channel.
verb (used without object), glutted, glutting.
to eat to satiety or to excess.
a full supply.
an excessive supply or amount; surfeit.
an act of glutting or the state of being glutted.
an excessive amount, as in the production of a crop, often leading to a fall in price
the act of glutting or state of being glutted
verb (transitive) gluts, glutting, glutted
to feed or supply beyond capacity
to supply (a market) with a commodity in excess of the demand for it
to cram full or choke up: to glut a passage

early 14c., “to swallow too much; to feed to repletion,” probably from Old French gloter “to swallow, gulp down,” from Latin gluttire “swallow, gulp down,” from PIE root *gwele- “to swallow” (cf. Russian glot “draught, gulp”). Related: Glutted; glutting.

1530s, “a gulp,” from glut (v.). Meaning “condition of being full or sated” is 1570s; mercantile sense is first recorded 1590s.

An oversupply of goods on the market.


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