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[glif] /glɪf/

a pictograph or hieroglyph.
a sculptured figure or relief carving.
Architecture. an ornamental channel or groove.
a carved channel or groove, esp a vertical one as used on a Doric frieze
(rare) another word for hieroglyphic
any computer-generated character regarded in terms of its shape and bit pattern

1727, “ornamental groove in architecture,” from French glyphe (1701), from Greek glyphe “a carving,” from glyphein “to hollow out, cut out with a knife, engrave, carve,” from PIE root *gleubh- “to cut, slice” (cf. Latin glubere “to peel, shell, strip,” Old English cleofan “to cleave”). Meaning “sculpted mark or symbol” (as in hieroglyph) is from 1825.


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