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Gnu network object model environment

[desk-top] /ˈdɛskˌtɒp/

small or compact enough to fit or be used on a :
a desktop calendar.
the surface of a desk.

the main screen display on a personal computer, from which windows may be opened and programs run
(modifier) denoting a computer system, esp for word processing, that is small enough to use at a desk

1929, from desk + top. As an adjective meaning “suitable for use on a desktop,” it is recorded from 1958 (in reference to computers). As a shortening of desktop computer, recorded from 1983. Desktop publishing recorded from 1984.

1. In a WIMP graphical user interface, the visual representation of a real desktop (the top surface of a piece of furniture) with documents, folders and a rubbish bin arranged on it. The user manipulates files on the computer by using a mouse to click and drag their representations (icons) on the desktop.
The WIMP interface and desktop metaphor was invented at Xerox PARC and popularised by the Apple Macintosh.
2. desktop computer.


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