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[gob] /gɒb/ British Dialect

verb (used without object), gobbed, gobbing, noun
1 .
a lump or chunk, esp of a soft substance
(often pl) (informal) a great quantity or amount

a lump of molten glass used to make a piece of glassware
(informal) a globule of spittle or saliva
verb gobs, gobbing, gobbed
(intransitive) (Brit, informal) to spit
(US, slang) an enlisted ordinary seaman in the US Navy
a slang word (esp Brit) for the mouth

“a mouthful, lump,” late 14c., probably from Old French gobe “mouthful, lump,” related to gober “gulp, swallow down,” probably from Gaulish *gobbo- (cf. Irish gob “mouth,” Gaelic gob “beak”). This Celtic source also seems to be root of gob “mouth” (mid-16c.), which is the first element in gob-stopper “a kind of large hard candy” (1928).



The mouth •Chiefly British use

[1550+; fr Irish]


A US Navy sailor; swabby

[1915+; perhaps fr earlier British gabby, ”coast guard; quarterdeckman,” of unknown origin]

a pit, a place mentioned in 2 Sam. 21:18, 19; called also Gezer, in 1 Chr. 20:4.


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