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[gog-uh l-boks] /ˈgɒg əlˌbɒks/

noun, British Slang.
a television set.
(Brit, slang) a television set


An eager, rather idealistic, person; goo-goo: Those do-goody goggleboxes in student government didn’t help me at all

[1980s+ Students; probably fr the notion that such people wear goggles, ”glasses”; used in the 1984 movie Repo Man]


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  • Goggle-box

    [gog-uh l-boks] /ˈgɒg əlˌbɒks/ noun, British Slang. 1. a television set.

  • Goggle-eye

    [gog-uh l-ahy] /ˈgɒg əlˌaɪ/ noun, plural goggle-eyes (especially collectively) goggle-eye. 1. . 2. Also called goggle-eye scad. .

  • Goggle-eyed

    [gog-uh l-ahyd] /ˈgɒg əlˌaɪd/ adjective 1. having bulging, wide-open, or rolling eyes, especially in astonishment or wonderment. adverb 2. with bulging, wide-open eyes. adjective 1. (often postpositive) with a surprised, staring, or fixed expression adj. late 14c.; see goggle (v.).

  • Goggler

    [gog-ler] /ˈgɒg lər/ noun 1. a person who stares goggle-eyed. 2. a person who spearfishes. 3. .

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