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[gog-ler] /ˈgɒg lər/

a person who stares goggle-eyed.
a person who spearfishes.


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  • Goggles

    [gog-uh l] /ˈgɒg əl/ noun 1. goggles. 2. a bulging or wide-open look of the eyes; stare. verb (used without object), goggled, goggling. 3. to stare with bulging or wide-open eyes. Synonyms: gape, ogle, gawk, gawp, glare. 4. (of the eyes) to bulge and be wide open in a stare. 5. to roll the eyes. […]

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    [gog-lit] /ˈgɒg lɪt/ noun, (esp. in India) 1. a long-necked container, especially for water, usually of porous earthenware so that its contents are cooled by evaporation. /ˈɡɒɡlɪt/ noun 1. a long-necked water-cooling vessel of porous earthenware, used esp in India Also called guglet (ˈɡʌɡlɪt)

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