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noun (pl) -lies
(usually pl) (slang) a testicle
(Austral, slang) a stone or pebble


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  • Goombah

    [goom-bah] /ˈgum bɑ/ noun, Slang. 1. a companion or associate, especially an older person who mentors or advises; a godfather. 2. a member of a criminal organization. n. by 1984, from dialectal pronunciation of Italian compare “companion, godfather” (cf. compadre). noun [fr dialect pronunciation of Italian compare, ”companion, godfather”]

  • Goombay

    [goo m-bey, goom-] /ˈgʊm beɪ, ˈgum-/ noun 1. the style of calypso music or rhythm popular in the Bahamas.

  • Goomer

    noun A hypochondriac Related Terms gomer [1970s+ Medical; fr get out of my emergency room]

  • Go on and on

    1. See go on , def. 5. 2. Continue without stopping, last for a long time, as in This trail goes on and on, or The movie went on and on. This usage was first recorded in 1938.

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