another name for cleavers

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  • Goose-grass

    noun 1. .

  • Goose-grease

    noun 1. the melted fat of the goose, used in domestic medicine as an ointment.

  • Gooseherd

    [goos-hurd] /ˈgusˌhɜrd/ noun 1. a person who tends geese.

  • Goosen

    /ˈɡuːsən/ noun 1. Retief. born 1969; South African golfer: winner of the US Open Championship (2001, 2004)

  • Gooseneck

    [goos-nek] /ˈgusˌnɛk/ noun 1. a curved object resembling the of a , often of flexible construction, as in the shaft of a . 2. Nautical. a curved piece at the foot of a boom, attached to a mast by a vertical pivot and itself having a horizontal pivot so that the boom can be pointed […]

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