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[goold] /guld/

Chester, 1900–85, U.S. cartoonist: creator of the comic strip “Dick Tracy.”.
Glenn Herbert, 1932–82, Canadian pianist and composer.
Jay, 1836–92, U.S. financier.
Morton, 1913–1996, U.S. composer and pianist.
Stephen Jay, 1941–2002, U.S. paleontologist, biologist, and science writer.
Benjamin Apthorp. 1824–96, US astronomer: the first to use the telegraph to determine longitudes; founded the Astronomical Journal (1849)
Glenn. 1932–82, Canadian pianist
American paleontologist and evolutionary biologist who with Niles Eldredge developed the theory of punctuated equilibrium in 1972. He published numerous books which popularized his sometimes controversial ideas on evolutionary theory among the general public.


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