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Grand seigneur

/ɡrɑ̃ sɛɲœr/
noun (pl) grands seigneurs (ɡrɑ̃ sɛɲœr)
(often ironic) a dignified or aristocratic man


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  • Grand-serjeanty

    noun, Medieval English Law. 1. serjeanty in which the tenant rendered services of a personal, honorary nature to the king, as carrying his sword or banner.

  • Grand-slam

    noun 1. Bridge. the winning of all thirteen tricks of a deal. Compare . 2. Also, grand-slammer. Baseball. a home run with three runners on base. 3. Sports. the winning by a single player of several designated major championship contests in one season, as in golf or tennis. 4. any sweeping success or total victory. […]

  • Grandsire

    [grand-sahyuh r] /ˈgrændˌsaɪər/ noun 1. a grandfather. 2. Archaic. /ˈɡrænˌsaɪə; ˈɡrænd-/ noun 1. an archaic word for grandfather /ˈɡrændsə; -ˌsaɪə/ noun 1. (bell-ringing) a well-established method used in change-ringing See method (sense 4) n. late 13c., from Anglo-French graunt sire; see grand (adj.) + sire (n.).

  • Grandson

    [gran-suhn, grand-] /ˈgrænˌsʌn, ˈgrænd-/ noun 1. a of one’s or daughter. /ˈɡrænsʌn; ˈɡrænd-/ noun 1. a son of one’s son or daughter n. 1580s, from grand + son.

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