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[graf-ik] /ˈgræf ɪk/

adjective, Also, graphical
giving a clear and effective picture; vivid:
a graphic account of an earthquake.
pertaining to the use of diagrams, graphs, mathematical curves, or the like; diagrammatic.
of, relating to, or expressed by writing:
graphic symbols.
written, inscribed, or drawn.
depicted in a realistic or vivid manner:
graphic sex and violence.
containing graphic descriptions:
a graphic movie.
Geology. (of a rock) having a texture formed by the intergrowth of certain minerals so as to resemble written characters.
Mathematics. pertaining to the determination of values, solution of problems, etc., by direct measurement on diagrams instead of by ordinary calculations.
of or relating to the .
a product of the , as a drawing or print.
a computer-generated image.
vividly or clearly described: a graphic account of the disaster
sexually explicit
of or relating to writing or other inscribed representations: graphic symbols
(maths) using, relating to, or determined by a graph: a graphic representation of the figures
of or relating to the graphic arts
(geology) having or denoting a texture formed by intergrowth of the crystals to resemble writing: graphic granite

“vivid,” 1570s (implied in graphically), from Latin graphicus “picturesque,” from Greek graphikos “of or for writing, belonging to drawing, picturesque,” from graphe “writing, drawing,” from graphein “to write” (see -graphy). Meaning “of or pertaining to drawing” is from 1756. Related: Graphically. Graphic design is attested by 1956. Graphic equalizer is from 1969.


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    noun 1. an equalizer in an audio system that is controlled by sliders that show graphically and correct the frequency response within the preset frequency range. noun 1. an electronic device for cutting or boosting selected frequencies, using small linear faders Compare parametric equalizer graphic equalizer (grāf’ĭk) See under equalizer.

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