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[gra-fol-uh-jee] /græˈfɒl ə dʒi/

the study of handwriting, especially when regarded as an expression of the writer’s character, personality, abilities, etc.
Linguistics. the study of systems of writing; grammatology.
the study of handwriting, esp to analyse the writer’s character
(linguistics) the study of writing systems

“study of handwriting,” 1882, from French graphologie, coined 1868 by Abbé Jean-Hippolyte Michon (1806-1881) from comb. form of Greek graphein “to write” (see -graphy) + logos “a speaking, a dealing with” (see logos). Especially, “character study based on handwriting” (1886).


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  • Graphomania

    noun a passion or urge to write; also called scribomania See scribomania Word Origin Greek grapho ‘to write’ n. “morbid desire for writing,” 1840; see -graphy + mania. Related: Graphomaniac (1827).

  • Graphophobia

    noun a fear of writing Word Origin Greek grapho ‘to write’

  • Graphomotor

    [graf-uh-moh-ter] /ˌgræf əˈmoʊ tər/ adjective, Medicine/Medical. 1. pertaining to the muscular movements in writing. /ˈɡræfəˌməʊtə/ adjective 1. of or relating to the muscular movements used or required in writing

  • Graphophone

    [graf-uh-fohn] /ˈgræf əˌfoʊn/ noun 1. a phonograph for recording and reproducing sounds on wax records.

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